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I will work with you to develop a new website, evaluate and redesign your current website, or help you with maintenance and updates to your site. My web design services can involve as little or as much as you need.

I can make simple content updates, consult on website problems or glitches, plan a redesign of your site or design a brand new website. If you have an older site, you may benefit from simply updating the code to current standards. See my portfolio page for links to live web pages.

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A Few Thoughts on Website Development

The best web sites start with a planning stage, an inventory of site pages and features if you have a current site, and then revising for a better user experience. Preparing a wireframe of your new site is a useful tool to help you review the possibilities, and it can help to streamline the eventual coding of the site. Once the content, functionality and look for your site is clear, the actual coding in HTML and CSS can begin. Some sites may also include coding in javascript (or jQuery).

Clients who currently have older websites (maybe developed years ago) should consider that coding standards have changed, and the older coding that was used in those sites will no longer comply with current web coding standards expected by the browsers. Also, there are the various devices now being used for searching and web browsing online, cellphones, tablets, etc. The site needs to be useful in all browser sizes, such as browsers being accessed on cellphones, tablets and desktop computers. This involves responsive web design, adjusting to the device.

Users accessing your site for the first time can either be impressed by its look and feel, or be put off with something about your page. It is best to assess and avoid factors that might irritate or cause problems for the user. Sometimes it's simply that your site now looks "old" or that it loads slowly or badly. These factors might cause a user to drop your site in favor of other sites in their search results. This is referred to as user experience (UX) design.

If you need a new website (your first website perhaps) then gather your likely site assets: textual information, image content, video content, logos, special needs or functions you want on the site, and designate a person to be your contact point for forwarding information to the web designer.

Depending on your needs, you may want a Content Management System (CMS) website. This is the type of site that many bloggers use. It is also used by any major online retail store and generally with large corporations. If you will have constantly changing content or products, this is the best option. But it is unnecessary for most smaller websites. You can also have a website that links to a blog, so you can add current news, offerings, or stories on the blog.

A test site will be set up for viewing and commenting, prior to completing and "going live" with your new or upgraded website.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries about my services.




My design firm services include:

  • Website Development and Design (HTML5/Javascript/CSS)
  • Content management system (CMS) websites
  • Website Redesign or Updates
  • Website Maintenance
  • Development of Graphics, Designs, Illustration
  • Photographic Manipulation and Editing
  • Illustration for web or print
  • Design of Marketing and Business Materials
  • Consultation and advice on your project needs

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